Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Ko Samui

Ko Samui - a truly enchanted island

Ko Samui is about 780km to the south of Bangkok

It's airport is privately owned by Bangkok Airways - so airfares are pricey being monopolized.

The other way getting there is via coaches from Bangkok to Chumphon and ferry transfer to the islands of Ko Tao, Ko Phangan (ever heard of Full Moon Party?) & Ko Samui.

We decided to drive down as there is car ferry services further south at Don Sak. Sights along the journey.. it was durian season, see how much a pick up can carry!

Ferry terminal at Don Sak is very scenic too. Man in foreground dived to collect mussels from seabed.

Guess what is being carried? Plastic bottles for drinking water to the island.

As the ferry departed for Samui

Arriving Samui at last, driving off the ferry.

View of this hill top Buddha greeted our arrival

Beach views from the World Resort where we stayed

Even looking up skywards was beautiful

My friend Prakai caught up with his mate Woody (left) after we settled in.
Woody operates fishing trip tours around the island.

Nothing better than having a local to take us around the island!

A Thai spirit house on the way down to the seaside.

A monkey took an afternoon nap.

Huge boulders and weather beaten rock formations

Some formations resemble parts of human body that symbolizes fertility - need a little of your imagination!

Big Buddha atop stairway flanked by 2 Nagas

Looking back on the colorful mosaics of the multi-headed serpent, Naga.

Looking up at the intricate designs of the Karma wheel & ceremonial boat behind Buddha

The sun seem to cast a halo over Buddha too.

Na Muang 1 is the largest waterfall on the island.

Group of youths took turns diving off the rock

This huge tree on the way in is belived to be inhabited by spirit judging the offerings strapped around its trunk. What? Some night dressess too! (A lady spirit?)

Jungle trails riding on elephant back is an attraction here too.

Elephant taking a break feeding.

Some other sights around the island

An old boat painted in colors of the nation's flag.

Fishing boat idled in the day waiting for the night to catch squids.

Woody took us out fishing of course, catches of the day BBQ onboard; couldn't be any fresher!

Love the troquoise-blue water off the rocky coast of Ko Phangan?

Some beautiful photos of Samui from Google Images